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Debut album of Indiana prog rock band, Chiasma


released October 3, 2014

Mastered by Spectre Studios
Tracked and mixed by Derek Steele
Copyright Chiasma 2014



all rights reserved


Chiasma Indianapolis, Indiana

Melodic prog with some vocoders, squealies, and plastic vegetables throughout- Chiasma is very excited to be releasing their second full-length album on 04Nov2016!

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Track Name: Again
Wake and carry the dream
Count your losses again
Track Name: Adventure Through Armenia
Go down
Sit in the dust
Virgin daughter Babylon
On the ground
(Without a throne)

Sit in silence
Go into darkness
No more will you be called Queen of Kingdoms
I'm forever

The eternal Queen
I'm forever

These are not coals for warmth
This is not a fire to sit by
All of them
Go on in their error
There is not one that can save you

I will tell you of new things
Of hidden things unknown to you disbelievers

There is no peace
For the wicked
There is no peace

Against whom have you raised your voice?
(Turn around and flee)
And lifted your eyes in pride?

Bel bows down, Nebo stoops low
Run you cowards,
Run, run onto Arrarat
Flee to the mountains
Beckon to nations
Lift up the banners
Kings will be fathers
And Queens your mothers

Life forever
You're the chosen Ones
Live forever
Track Name: Frequency
Find a way to make it stick
Before you've been forgotten
Terror-stricken, no time left
Yet I am not prepared for this

Atomic collisions, my breath
And a heart that's beating
Carrying on in fission
Form a thought that's singled out
In a collective vision, exist in the lens I offer
Deliberate decision
You have carved a place for me

In a frequency so delicate I'm alive but I barely know it
Trying to reach to the pinnacle of the pyramid with
a mind not open yet
Holding onto my memories as my greatest wealth but
then I'm beholden
To the weight of my ego
Cannot let go to all that I've known

My effects, my inputs diffuse
Like the ones before me
Evidenced in relics of what I connected to
Your interests, your being combine what we've offered
Reconstruct a new form
Create a trace of something new

We will find a way to make this worth forever
We'll find a way to make this be enough
To make it worth forever

Find a way to make it stick before you've been forgotten
Terror-stricken, better find your place before you've fallen
No time left to make a change yet I am not prepared for this
I'll find a way to make it stick before I've been forgotten
No time left
Track Name: Cry for the Dream
There's a pool in her room
It fills with all the Art that pours out from her eyes
And where is she to go
But down into the paths that roam those inhibitions?

Entertain the miracle of the now.
Rearrange the probability of how, here, right now

I mind the traps that are set to fall
I follow intuitions weakening pulse
Crying for a dream
Illusions complex and so purifying
Speak with Coyote
Get lost within the terrifying, awe-inspiring, truthful Unknown

Break the wheel

It's so cold in the cityscape
With greying mirrors of your face
I never meant to be charmed
By fur and warmth with no heart
Lights fade, it's over
It's over
Overcome by reason
Too dignified to take the risk
Ingrained within your being
The possibility to fail

On and on
Crying for a dream
It's not over
Dawn breaks the dark
Don't fail me now

Cry for the dream
Track Name: Silver Silence
Is this the moral high ground that you would die for?
Is this the dignity that you would fight for?


Eyes for yourself
Obscure all, A distraction
Eyes for yourself
Entertain the abstraction

Break silver silence
Let your eyes absorb it all
Turn your back on the world

Is this the hollow image that you would live for?
Is this the shallow love that you would give for?


Eyes for yourself
Filter out the distractions
Eyes for yourself
Consume all the retractions

Tread lightly on the narrow path that you follow
Erase the evidence of all your sorrow
A fracture divides the silver's pale reflection
A fragility that you'd failed to mention
Track Name: Walls
What lies beyond
These towering walls?

Do you think we're worthy of the fall
Do you think she knows we saw it all?
How many secrets lie beyond that door
Do you think it's too much to hope for?

But now the monsters have appeared
And their shadows spark our fears
And the walls are crumbling in
And all the brave ones disappeared
What did he give me as a child?
What are the fast Ones doing here?
What did he bury in the ground
What could a father hold so dear?

But did you see her face?
Eternity in primal struggling grace
Like a newborn child

What do I carry in my veins
What kind of power lingers here?
Why does my sister show restraint
What kind of evil forms this cage?
Who are the ones we shouldn't trust
Who are the ones that we should save?
What are the choices that I must make for a city that I hate?

But did you see his face?
Terrible in comprehending hate
Eyes burning like fire
I thought that life Outside
Was worth the risk, was worth the sacrifice
But now I see there's more to lose than my own
(Don't take away/Don't take my)
Freedom wasn't worth the sacrifice
I thought Outside was worth the sacrifice
I bought a lie

What monsters stir within
These towering walls?

Do you think they'd see me if I hid
Do you think they'd hear me if I cried?
Do you think there's good within us all
Do you think there's purpose when we die?
Track Name: Phajaan
Falling in line
The tusks trust the hooks you offer
To make a living
Humanity's not a luxury offered
On a birthright that affords nothing to eat

Call on the ancient dreamer
Herald in a most prosperous age
With ivory bringing in the most criminal pay
And silver minds remembering happier days
Six rides today

Stealing the secrets to open a way
(a shameless game)
Garnering faith to deliver a prayer
(a primal trade)
They will pay you
No doubts, no proof
Your survival can't be wrong
Carry on

A beast, he's just a calf without a mother
And his will is just a liability
Phajaan, the crush
The fear that does our bidding
It would catch us all unaware
Surely you wouldn't dare to....

Call on the ancient dreamer
Herald in a most prosperous age
With ivory bringing in the most criminal pay
And silver minds remembering happier days
Six rides today
Two tricks to turn the tide
And two thumbs to bring it all to life
A re-imagined slate to entertain desires
So with the ignorance of our forefather's pride
Let's go for a ride

Take what you desire
You're not alike
Defend a greedy stewardship
That can't survive

This can't be right
God help the bear who regrets his own strength
Pity the cheetah who laments her speed
Foolish the monkey that rues his own wit

God help the human that fights what he is
Track Name: Grounded
Bare feet on the ground
Firmly planted
Call its sparkling ridges home
Sunlight calls you out
The wind whispers your name
Thoughts run mountain river clear
But then it starts to slip away

Carry on, carry on
You've been here before now
Carry on, carry on
Tomorrow comes somehow

Memories wash ashore
The past tries out new shades
Fear their hues misunderstood
Reflections betray all
Disjointed pieces
Can't remember what is home

But carry on, carry on
You've been here before now
Carry on, carry on
Tomorrow comes somehow

Time spent
Waiting for your skin to stick in place
To recognize your own face
Try again
Learning how to breathe when all you need is just to let your lungs fill
Longing just to be,
To exist without belaboring the finer points of meaning
To truly see
What has come before, is yet to come
To feel alive as wholly one
Track Name: Wind-up
Training taking over
Tik Tok, the clock has stricken one

I can handle it

Is this what I was created for
Serving your purpose no more
To stutter to your amusement
For you to wind up, wind up
In a world that has severed
Its will to see a day ahead
New dreams take shape to deliver us but
There's nothing new under the sun

A sky so grey maybe I can handle it
A falling ash maybe I can handle it
The view so bleak maybe I can handle it
The fire so hot maybe I can handle it
The touch so cold maybe I can handle it
The guns so loud maybe I can handle it
A dark despair maybe I can handle it
A fear so real, I can handle it

Genetics tainted to further
Squandering hands and murder
Strength coded but not intended
Intended to free me, save me
They may call me subhuman
But I am superior
Like clockwork, arms reaching for the sky
A triumph born out of regress

I will be fine without your grooming
I'll get by without you
Don't fear for me, my master can't you see
How perfect I've become?
Fire burns beneath my skin as I see
All that's been kept from me

You tossed my life aside
You didn't try to speak my name
And ruthless as the burning sun
You wouldn't remember anyways

All fall to safety with like kind
Don't bother trying to run away
Track Name: Impetus Lost
All we are we are
Where we are we are

Would you like to play a game?
Its rules are really fairly plain.
Take a step or stay the same,
Gamble time or waste it all away.
And there's many ways to win-
I can't begin to list them here.
Take a step and we'll begin,
The only obstacle's autonomy
With eyes closed you just begin to see

All the time spent waiting for change
I lost myself, I lost my impulses
All the time spent waiting for change
I lost myself, I lost my impetus

I was such a fool to fall for this

Truth be told I'd like to blame
Every wasted minute on this game
And the world that spins us round
Expecting each next day to best the last.
But that would be a lie,
I can only wonder why
I allowed myself to trade my very spirit for this safety.

With eyes closed you just begin to see